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On the Federal Way Council, Leandra has focused on being a voice for underserved communities prioritizing community safety, housing affordability, economic development, and recovery. 

Housing Affordability - Growing up in Federal Way, and now raising her own Family here it is a priority for Leandra that new families can afford to move to our city, and longtime neighbors can afford to remain here. That’s why she supported the development of a Housing Action Plan that includes diverse housing types for every income level, supported budget funding for a downtown planner, and voted in favor of protections for renters -- essential for COVID recovery. 


Workforce Development - In order to ensure every Federal Way neighbor has a path to a family wage job, Leandra has led conversations with labor unions, community leaders, and neighbors about expanded local apprenticeships and community workforce agreements for Federal Way. 


Police Accountability - As a prosecutor, Leandra understands that public safety requires every Federal Way neighbor to be safe in our city. That’s why she hosted a special Council meeting, in collaboration with colleagues, to discuss different accountability and transparency in local policing. 


Equitable Investments - One of Leandra’s first acts following her appointment to the Council in October 2020 was to add a part-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion staff member to ensure the Council invests and applies policies with an equity lens. Leandra was also involved in the hiring of the DEI position. 


Environmental Protection - On the Council, Leandra supported developing a climate action plan for Federal Way and for the City to join the King County - Cities Climate Change Collaboration (K4C). 


Worker Protections - In order to ensure frontline workers were compensated fairly for their service throughout the COVID pandemic, Leandra supported hazard pay for grocery workers across our City.

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