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Safe Communities
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As a prosecutor, I have experience in working collaboratively with law enforcement, social service providers and community organizations to protect and promote the safety of every neighbor. I understand that incarceration does not always result in deterrence. Public safety is about finding the best response for each situation. When services are provided for the community, law enforcement is able to use their resources to focus on high level offenders. On the City Council, I will continue to advocate for the resources, investments, training, and preventive strategies proven to build safe and healthy communities.

Livability & Opportunity
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As someone who was raised in Federal Way, and is now raising my own family here, I want to ensure that our city remains affordable for longtime neighbors and young families new to the area alike. As Federal Way welcomes the Light Rail, there will be an opportunity to create a more defined downtown space for our City and we can expect the community to continue to grow. It is up to our City Council to push for workforce housing and protections so seniors can afford to stay in their homes. 

Resilient Local Economy
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Federal Way has a vibrant culture and the City should continue to celebrate the diversity in our community. As we recover from COVID, we can grow our City's economy by attracting more businesses and uplifting our current locally owned small businesses. I'd also like to reimagine how the City can bring job training programs for our youth that could develop into internships and ultimately employment. I will prioritize lifting up our local small businesses and bringing job training and apprenticeship programs to Federal Way to ensure our youth have a path to family wage jobs.

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